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  • Fully integrated with the Intellicost Staff Scheduler.
  • Exception based system uses schedules to intelligently highlight exceptions, reduce processing time and improve payroll accuracy (i.e. missing in punch, late in, very late out, shift not scheduled).
  • Automated crew sheet highlights only those individuals with exceptions.
  • Color coded exceptions enable user to prioritize resolution before running payroll.
  • User definable exception coding enables user to determine whether an exception is classified as informational, a warning, or an exception that must be rectified prior to running payroll.
  • Significant cost savings through exclusive lockout feature based on employee schedules, designed to eliminate overtime created by early clock in/ clock out.
  • On-line approval system.
  • Automated time card function.
  • Automated employee time allocation and labor analysis.
  • Hour and dollar reporting.
  • Interfaces to major payroll providers.
  • User definable pay policy creation to accommodate long term care, union, non union, specific payroll scenarios.
  • Numerous time clock / capture devices to choose from including: keypad, proximity, barcode and biometric fingerprint devices.
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