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As featured in Nursing Homes Magazine June '04 article on Web Based Staffing Solutions
Created for the Long Term Healthcare and Acute Care markets, Intellicost is not just a scheduler, but a labor management tool. The Intellicost product is designed to accomplish the typical tasks expected of a staff scheduling product. It can, for example, provide 2 week, and 4 week schedules, daily assignment sheets, call off recommendation reports, etc. But it can accomplish far more!

The Intellicost Enterprise Staff Scheduler has a proven track record in saving tens of thousands of dollars per facility,in reducing overtime , weekend premium time, and agency usage.

A comprehensive time and attendance capability is incorporated into Intellicost. Detailed Employee attendance records are maintained and analyzed.

The Intellicost Enterprise Staff scheduler provides sophisticated labor management reporting as an automatic byproduct your daily work. Time and Attendance recording, Time Clock Actuals, Schedule Imbalances, Overtime and Agency Usage, are correlated in a meaningful way to show labor management trends, reduce labor costs and optimize resources.

Architecturally unique and the first of its kind! The Intellicost Enterprise Staff Scheduler is the first web/browser based staffing scheduler to be offered to the healthcare marketplace. The product can be housed locally on your PC, or accessed via the web from our hosting facility. Either way, both employees and management, will benefit from 24/7 access, to vital real time management information. Employees can access their 4 week schedule on line 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
Our unique single database design will enable the largest multi-facility chains to easily and efficiently manage and report data across the entire enterprise.

The system calculates the true cost of your schedule. Proactively forecasting budget vs scheduled hours and dollars, as the schedule is being created, weeks in advance of incurring actual labor cost.

Meet Federal and State mandated requirements by calculating staffing ratios, direct vs indirect, licensed vs unlicensed staffing, and PPD analysis. Post your schedules daily at the touch of a button.

We were fortunate to have a two hundred facility chain as one of our first clients. Enterprise wide, corporate, regional,and facility reporting is available at a glance through our Enterprise and facility dashboards.

Interface to the time clock of your choice. Control is the key. Easily review and resolve discrepancies.

Human Resource tracking and reporting is another important aspect of labor management. Many aspects of HR tracking have been incorporated into the product. Important review/renewal dates are automatically tracked including, but not limited to license renewals, medical exam review dates, salary review dates, etc. INS information, criminal background checks, disciplinary actions and more can be recorded as well.

Software vendors that currently computerize, 1 out of every 3, Long Term Care Facilities, in the U.S, have chosen to offer the Intellicost Enterprise Staff Scheduler, in conjunction with, their financial and clinical systems.

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