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"In an era when nursing labor is extremely costly, the Intellicost System allows you to maximize the dollar. Our center has been utilizing the Intellicost System for over a year now and its impact is evident. Our monthly labor costs are decreasing, our agency utilization is on a decline, and our schedules are accurate!"
-Scott Centak, Administrator
Liberty Court Center, Philadelphia
"We have reduced our payroll by hundreds of overtime hours. Intellicost had more than paid for itself within weeks of contract signing. My only regret is not having implemented the system sooner. It's not just about scheduling... it's about managing our single largest controllable cost. Intellicost got us out of crisis management pinpointing cost overruns before we incurred the cost. "
-Zalman Drew, LNHA
Ocean Healthcare, Lakewood, NJ
"Prior to implementing Intellicost we juggled our staffing shortages manually. Now we have everyone's schedules and availability at our fingertips. "
-Jolaine Ballarano, Executive Secretary
Meadowbrook Care Center, Freeport, NY
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